Pontypridd RFC are developing a share scheme that will allow further investment into their club and for this they should be applauded. Instead of asking Supporters and Followers for the up front purchase price of £50 a share, these can now be paid for monthly at £10 per month. Every five months a new share certificate is issued to that subscriber.

Obviously there is some devil in the detail here but that is for individuals to find for themselves. What if somebody pays for four months but not five? Do they get their £40 back or what happens to it? Minor issues that should not detract from the point in hand.

All rugby clubs should be encouraged (forced? how?) to allow supporters to purchase shares in similar ways as supporter ownership is vital.

The long term success of a sports organisation is dependent upon taking supporters with them and we have the prime example of this under our noses in Cardiff. Have the change to red from blue seen empty seats at the Soccer stadium then Mr Tan would have had to back down. As it was, supporters took the pill for his investment and are now seeing the rewards.

The next part for Pontypridd must be to form a Supporters’ Trust. Not every fan has £120 spare per year to buy just a couple of shares so a large group of them coming together is the best way forward to ensure representation for all Supporters, regardless of disposable income.

Supporters’ Trusts are set up as Industrial & Provident Societies, with one member one vote being the crucial element in their formation. All are equal. All have one vote. If the Pontypridd supporters really want a democratic Supporter owned club then the only route to take is to go through a Trust.

That way will also allow Ponty Rugby to be owned by an I&PS, which allows it to then become eligible for grant funding for numerous organisations. This way, Ponty Rugby truly becomes the hub of its community.

And I urge ALL non-professional rugby clubs in Wales to go this route.

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