More than the English?

£102m over 8 years is what the English see as a payment for International Players outside of the IRB window. For the WRU, that value is (at present) £54m.

See the difference? It’s stark. Same product to sell (international rugby) but a different price.

Look at what the RFU pay for:

Look at what the WRU pay for:

Anybody want to spot the difference? The fact that PRL serves 12 clubs and RRW serves 4 is utterly irrelevant to what the Unions are paying for.

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  1. When you buy a sandwich, the cost is for the sandwich and it doesn’t matter if there was a company which supplied the bread, another which supplied the filling and a third which supplied the butter. The cost is the sandwich.

    That’s why the PRL doling out money 12 ways compared to RRW doling it out four ways is utterly irrelevant to the cost of the product being purchased.

    1. Isn’t over 9 years? 2009/10, 10/11, 11/12, 12/13 and then for a further five years:

      “The Participation Agreement and the Rugby Charter will effectively shape the elite game in Wales to 2014 and will continue for a further five years on the same terms at the option of the Regions.”

      That’s how I’ve read it.

  2. Agreed, but if your comparing the £102m (8 years)- then the equivalent value would be smaller than £54m (I think) ?

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