Where is everybody?

So the present theme / stick with which to beat Pro Rugby Wales is crowd levels. For example, the self proclaimed "National Newspaper of Wales" ran a back page story on why crowd levels were as poor as just over 5,000 for some games, but used a poll of just 3,000 votes for the basis of... Continue Reading →

Changes Over The Bridge?

There are reports of a potential issue between the RFU and PRL with regards to compensation for not playing Aviva Premiership fixtures during next year's Rugby World Cup in England (and Cardiff). The harmony between the RFU and its leading clubs is secured by an agreement made seven years ago and the fact that PRL have far greater commercial... Continue Reading →

The Upcoming AGM – a New WRU?

There is a school of thought that notes the only way to push the WRU's Governance into the 21st century is for the turkeys to vote for Christmas at an AGM. There is an archaic structure to the WRU that revolves around the Districts that controlled the game during the amateur era. Representatives from these... Continue Reading →

Dogma or Financial Common Sense?

The present stand off in Welsh rugby seems to be about what freedoms and rights four individual, privately owned, businesses have under the regulations of the IRB and the WRU. There is an enormous legal battle involved therein which is beyond the wit of most men, certainly me. My hope is that this dispute does... Continue Reading →

Tis the Season to Be Jolly

As we enter what should be the most enjoyable and crucial part of the season, it is matters off the field which dominate thoughts more than the up coming derby games of the holiday season. Yet, in a strange way, the fight with the Union off the field has brought the four teams together to... Continue Reading →

Congratulations to the Noisy Neighbours

In many ways, this season’s success for Pontypridd RFC is the blueprint for all non-professional clubs in Wales to follow. The positives that come from a well-deserved double this season are numerous and should be the aim for all Welsh Premiership (bar those who own professional teams) and lower league clubs, but so should be... Continue Reading →


Pontypridd RFC are developing a share scheme that will allow further investment into their club and for this they should be applauded. Instead of asking Supporters and Followers for the up front purchase price of £50 a share, these can now be paid for monthly at £10 per month. Every five months a new share... Continue Reading →

What is there to Support?

There are many different reasons as to why an individual chooses to “support” a sports team, ranging from location / parental influence / a favourite player / they like the kit. In the Welsh media at the moment there seems to be a desire to show that the popularity of soccer, plus having two top... Continue Reading →

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