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Mr G Davies

The Welsh Rugby Union Limited
The Millennium Stadium
Westgate Street
CF10 1NS

17th May 2015

Dear Mr Davies

Welsh representation in the British & Irish Cup in the2015/16 Season

Let me clarify the position of Pontypridd RFC, its dispute is not with the Governing Body, it is with the Regions and in particular, the Cardiff Blues. However, I write as a consequence of statements attributed to you as Chairman of the WRU, which were printed in the Western Mail on Saturday 16th May 2015.
You are correct to ‘point out’ that I am currently a representative on the Competition Pathway Working Group, however, the article states that I represent Pontypridd RFC whereas in fact, I represent the Premier Division Clubs (only one of which is Pontypridd RFC).
The article continues, ‘’All this has been discussed round the table’’, that’s why it is disappointing that it is being discussed publicly now.’’ As a member of the Working Group, I was made party to the Regions’ Proposals at the second meeting of the Working Group which took place on 2nd April 2015. Despite my consternation, I was only too acutely aware of my duty of confidentiality to the Working Party, consequently, I refrained from divulging the controversial proposal.
However, when Richard Holland, the Chief Executive of Cardiff Blues sent an e-mail to me in my capacity as Hon CEO of Ponty Rugby Limited on the 18th April 2015, he placed the proposal in the domain of Pontypridd RFC and legitimised Pontypridd RFC’s right to divulge. The e-mail read as follows;
‘I wanted to drop you a note to inform you of a proposed change to The British and Irish Cup.

The four regions via the rugby management board have all agreed that regional A teams will compete in the 2015/16 B&I Cup and subsequent tournaments.

The WRU representatives on the rugby management board support the proposal, with final WRU approval expected next week.

I wanted to let you know prior to next week and am sure you will support the creation of Regional A teams.

It is important to bridge the gap between premiership and regional rugby and I would fully expect Pontypridd to have numerous players in the newly formed Cardiff Blues A team.’

Consequently, I refute the inference that I compromised my integrity. Once the Blues had contacted Ponty Rugby Limited, I was duty-bound to the shareholders of Ponty Rugby Limited and to the members of Pontypridd RFC to divulge the contents of the e-mail.
If there is one thing that the Cardiff Blues has achieved in this matter, it has managed to do in twelve days what the previous twelve years had failed to do; to alienate the moderate voices associated with Pontypridd RFC.
Furthermore, I am duty bound to my express my disappointment that you are further attributed with the statement that, ‘’the only reason that the Premiership exists is to produce players for the regions and for Wales. It’s quite that simple I think.’’
In conclusion, Pontypridd RFC will continue to oppose the British and Irish Cup proposal of the Welsh Regions. If you believed that Pontypridd RFC would simply lie down and accept its fate then, like others before you, you have misjudged the tenacity and resolve of the Club.
Yours sincerely
Steve Reardon
Ponty Rugby Ltd.
Cc R Lewis, J Paterson, H Evans (WRU District C), R Wilton (WRU District C)
Aberavon RFC, Bedwas RFC, Bridgend RFC, Cardiff RFC, Carmarthen Quins RFC, Cross Keys RFC, Ebbw Vale RFC, Llandovery RFC, Llanelli RFC, Neath RFC, Newport RFC.

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